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christian thoma - ÆTHER



in memory of Alessandro Giachero

“ÆTHER” is a concert-performance celebrating nature and celestial space,

it's a journey through the four natural elements leading to the quintessence of life.

It's a continuous state of flux of sound and visual environments opening to multiple levels of interpretation, emotional and rational ones.


are represented by original compositions and improvisations, images, colours,

evocating the natural elements.

christian thoma TEMPRA is an ensemble consisting of classically trained musicians

who have been specializing over the years in different kinds of music, such as improvisation,

contemporary jazz, traditional music, experimental music and singing.

On the occasion of the concert-performance ÆTHER, the ensemble is collaborating with

Lòtzio - Andrea Carlotto, who as been committed for many years in audiovisual performances in real time.

ÆTHER - christian thoma TEMPRA e Lòtzio, dodecaedro
christian thoma TEMPRA & Lòtzio - christian thoma, alessandro giachero, stefano risso, matteo cigna, andrea carlotto

christian thoma TEMPRA & Lòtzio


Christian Thoma

compositions, oboe, english horn, bass clarinet

Fabio Gorlier

piano, Fender Rhodes

Stefano Risso

double bass

Matteo Cigna

percussions, marimba

Lòtzio (Andrea Carlotto)


an idea by

Christian Thoma

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